Focus on Energy Rewards Program for Residents

Ready to improve your home?

Discover your home’s hidden potential and learn how to improve comfort, lower your energy costs, and boost efficiency. To achieve the greatest benefits, it’s best to look at your home as a system with many different parts all working together. The right mix of improvements can make a huge difference in how your home performs.

Choose what’s right for you. Depending on what your home efficiency goals are, there are two tracks available: Home Energy Score or a complete Home Energy Assessment.

Home Energy Score

If you’re interested in a basic understanding of your home’s energy use a Home Energy Score can be your fastest route to answers. A Home Energy Score consists of a short home inspection with NO performance testing and a simplified assessment process.

A Home Energy Score summary report includes your home’s Score and improvements you can make to increase your Score. When selling your home, a Score can be listed on the MLS (Multiple List Service) as an added value to your property.

Home Energy Assessment

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive analysis of your home, or already have an idea of specific areas in your home that you would like to address, a Home Energy Assessment is the best place to start.  A Home Energy Assessment helps address concerns such as: high energy bills, comfort concerns (like drafty rooms), or mold and moisture issues. What you can expect from a Home

Energy Assessment:

  • In-depth testing, including:
    • Use of diagnostic tools and modeling software
    • Health and safety testing
    • An in-depth energy assessment
  • A comprehensive report with:
    • Recommendations for how you can address your home comfort concerns
    • Detailed information on how recommended improvements will save you energy
    • Information on how to receive incentives from Focus on Energy by making the recommended improvements
    • A Home Energy Score

This is a necessary step to receive Focus on Energy incentives on air sealing and insulation improvements

You’re in Good Hands

No matter which path you choose, you’ll work with a Focus on Energy Trade Ally contractor to complete your projects. Trade Ally contractors receive specialized training and have access to program incentives and resources that set them apart from other contractors.

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